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Dead ground


About the author

Justin Warren was born in Westport, New Zealand. His father was a newspaper reporter, his mother a dental nurse. Justin's parents purchased The Westport News and employed their son as a reporter from the age of 15, fostering a love of writing that has survived to this day. Justin studied at the University of Canterbury, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce, and embarked on a career in teaching. He currently works at a large New Zealand high school where he is the Head of Commerce.

Justin decided to write his first novel during a stopover at Sydney Airport. His plane was delayed and he was without anything to read so he purchased a novel from the local bookshop. However, as he read, it dawned on him that the story did not flow and that he could do better. Six months later the idea for DEAD GROUND was born and one year after that the first draft of the manuscript was completed.

The work of Michael Connelly has had a major impact on the style and pacing of Justin’s writing. Other authors that have influenced his work include Raymond Chandler, Ian Rankin and Ben Sanders.

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dead ground

Dylan Harper is a young, up and coming detective with a point to prove. When he and his mentor, Detective Joe Gardella, are summoned to the office of the Chief of Police and given an assignment that is outside their jurisdiction, they sense something is up. Sent across the country to investigate the disappearance of a small town newspaper reporter, Harper and Gardella find themselves a long way from home and working without any backup.

Almost as soon as they arrive, Harper becomes aware someone is watching them. As the detectives begin to sift through the evidence and zero in on a suspect, strange things start to occur. Chasing down a lead late one night Harper glimpses a shadowy figure lurking in the fog and after a frantic search all he hears is an eerie laugh trailing off into the mist. The next morning Harper wakes to find his tires slashed and then Gardella is called back to the city leaving Harper alone and exposed. When someone scrawls a mysterious set of numbers on the wall of Harper’s hotel room, it sends the case in a whole new direction and threatens to destroy his career before it’s even truly begun.


the dylan harper series

DEAD GROUND is complete, THE LEWIS PASS is two-thirds finished, and Justin has two more novels in the works.


Justin has signed with Literary agent, Chip Rice, at wordlink incorporated

Justin has signed a literary agency contract with WordLink Incorporated. His literary agent is Chip Rice. Chip and Justin are excited to offer DEAD GROUND to publishers in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and around the world. If you would like to get your hands on the manuscript then contact Chip at c.rice@wordlink.us 

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